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Why Richbarn?

Covid was a wake up call.  Big time.


What spoke most loudly to us was the need to help - to use whatever we can to serve those in need.  To be a source of hope in a time of increasing darkness. To use the skillsets we had honed over the past decade to make the world as it ought to be

We also realized that millions of Americans wanted to help, but didn't think they could help. 


They didn't have $100k sitting in an account to donate.  They weren't a philanthropist - they were scared like everyone else - and hunkered down indoors on top of it all. 

That's when it hit - what if we took an item that we consume daily, created an amazing version of that item, delivered it directly to homes, and made it so that when purchased, it was also donated? In theory, all we'd have to do is get tons of people to know about it, and suddenly, we'd be able to donate way more than one philanthropist could alone...

So - we launched Richbarn. For every bag purchased, we donated a bag to someone who had lost their job due to Covid-19, and the national support was - overwhelming. 

We soon realized this could make an even bigger impact - partnering with some of the largest homeless shelters who spend $40k or more each year on coffee, providing not only ALL of their coffee for free, but hiring underprivileged men and women from those shelters to learn, master, and roast the very coffee that's donated, eventually helping place them with local coffee shops/roasters - helping them start new lives.

We realized we could partner with offices as they reopen to serve coffee that directly supports their local community, helping create socially responsible economic footprints.

At Richbarn, it's not about the coffee - it's about the cause.  It's about being intentional with our purchases - thinking bigger than ourselves.

It's about that moment - in the stillness of the morning, or coolness of a fall evening - knowing that as you sip an amazing cup of coffee - that you made a difference

Richbarn doesn't exist without you.

So - thank you.

About the Founders

Richbarn Roasters started as a side project in 2019 between two long time friends/colleagues - Evan Addams and Mitch Young - largely out of curiosity.  Their shared passion for community, coffee, and entrepreneurship has led to a long line of exciting and unique endeavors - including starting, growing, and selling a tech company, launching a co-working space in Ben Avon, PA, helping disrupt the mobile payments/gift card space, redefining automation and artificial intelligence in healthcare, and founding a non-profit that connects and grows young professionals in Pittsburgh, PA.

Every meeting begins with hangman, and every gathering - no matter how early or late - revolves around one thing - a great cup of coffee...

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